Stocks Quiz

Question 1: The peak value of the Dow Jones index before the Great Depression was 380 points. When was the same level reached after depression?

Question 2: Holders of Preferred Stock have:

Question 3: Penny stocks are:

Question 4: What stocks typically perform better in a recession?

Question 5: Company A has a P/E ratio higher than Company B and Company B has a P/E ratio higher or equal than Company C. If all companies are part of the same industry, investors are expecting higher earnings growth in the future from:

Question 6: Dollar-cost averaging is:

Question 7: How many stocks are included in Dow Jones?

Question 8: A portfolio that has 85% of its assets invested in stocks would be best suited for:

Question 9: A company in which you hold stock files for Chapter 11. The company:

Question 10: Short-selling means:

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