Credit and Debt - High School Quiz

Question 1: Which of the following credit cards makes sense for a person that pays his balance every month?

Question 2: Yolanda has three credit cards and she owes $500 on each of them. The interest rates are 7% for card A, 9% for card B and 8% for card C. If Yolanda has $1,000 to pay some of her debt, which cards should she pay if she wants to minimize future interest payments?

Question 3: Which of the following is not typically associated with borrowing?

Question 4: Which of the following actions typically changes the most the credit score of a person?

Question 5: Hillary and Stephanie have both borrowed $15,000 from the same bank to buy the same model of a new car. Hillary's credit score is 732 and Stephanie's credit score is 588. Who is likely to pay a lower finance charge?

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